The Greatest Liar in all the World

Saturday 10 March, 7:00pm

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A Darkly Funny Sequel to Pinocchio

'Every now and then, you comes across a play that seems to ignore the lines between children's and adults' theatre, comedy and tragedy, circus act and bare monologue to convey the sublime itself. The Greatest Liar in All the World is not that play.  It's funnier!' – The Skinny  

The story of The Liar, a world-weary music-hall hypnotist who has reached the end of his tether and threatens to end it all. His company of glamorous and not-so-glamorous assistants distract him from his imminent demise and convince him to tell the story of his infamous origins. Familia de la Noche's hilarious mix of clowning, puppetry, music and shadow play tells a story of extraordinary encounters, curious characters and lost love.  Based on the story of Pinocchio, The Greatest Liar in all the World takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride through the life of the man who used to be a little wooden boy.

“Brilliantly bizarre, fiendish and very funny this is one magical nightmare that you’ll never want to wake up from. Pure brilliance.” Edinburgh Guide

‘What it would be like to stroll through the inside of Tim Burton's and Terry Gilliam's minds’ (SuchSmallPortions.com).

Age Recommendation: 8+



1532 Performing Arts Centre, Elton Road, Bristol, BS8 1SJ
Email: 1532@bgs.bristol.sch.uk Tel: 0117 259 1532

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