Saturday 24 March, 7.30pm

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Tommy, 22, lives under the same roof as three generations of his family.

Fair to say, he sometimes feels a little ‘boxed in’. Is he moving fast enough? Will he ever keep up with his friends? And why does his nan have to say such bizarre things when his girlfriend is over for dinner?

Horribly honest clowns and questionable cabaret acts ignite the stage, exploring generational identity through Zoo Co’s trademark live music, puppetry, poetry and movement.

Inspired by their extensive workshops with inter-generational groups aged 16-96, Zoo Co’s GIANT provides an upbeat, fast-moving, playful exploration of what it really means to belong to a particular generation, and how each generation interacts with others. It is an honest, hilarious and moving reminder that you are perhaps made up of more than you may know.

GIANT is an explosive, absurd and visceral adventure in ‘Adulting’... Could Tommy's nan know more than meets the eye?



1532 Performing Arts Centre, Elton Road, Bristol, BS8 1SJ
Email: 1532@bgs.bristol.sch.uk Tel: 0117 259 1532

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