Comfort in Chaos: jazz suite with spoken word

Saturday 18 September 2021, 7.30pm

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Comfort in Chaos is the premiere of a new jazz suite inspired by, and raising awareness of the charity 1625 Independent People, which supports young people who are homeless, leaving care or at risk of homelessness.

Composed and led by Harriet Riley (Paraorchestra, Tezeta and Spindle) and Pete Judge (Get the Blessing, Three Cane Whale) - it fuses jazz and spoken word, with ideas drawn from the work and experience of two young 1625IP poets, Jj and Danni Willey. At the same time, the music also takes inspiration from the charity's name, using the digits 1 + 6 and 2 + 5 as a kind of numerological spell: the magic number seven is applied to rhythms, melodies, and instrumental combinations.  From these unexpected starting-points, Harriet Riley & Pete Judge have produced music of depth and atmosphere, struggle and resolution, lyricism and power. The music will be performed by Harriet & Pete as part of a septet of Bristol's leading contemporary and jazz musicians.

Harriet Riley is a virtuoso percussionist already a highly acclaimed and much sought-after musician. Described as an “unmistakeable voice” on the vibraphone. Pete Judge is "a Bristol music phenomenon" said BBC Radio 3. A graduate of Keith Tippett's Seedbed Orchestra in the early 1990s, he has since followed an eclectic path encompassing a huge range of musical styles and settings.

The performance will also include short spoken word sets by Jj and Danni Willey, as well as support from guest artists The Invisible Apples (duet of Pete Judge & John Baggott). John Baggott is an accomplished pianist known for his collaborations with Portishead and Massive Attack.



1532 Performing Arts Centre, Elton Road, Bristol, BS8 1SJ
Email: 1532@bgs.bristol.sch.uk Tel: 0117 259 1532

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